Horizontal template

The latest template offers additional features and styles that will enhance users' experience.

Main features

Horizontal navigation menu

The menu which features your top-level pages horizontally below the logo is one of the main new features that was created as a result of demand across SFU.

There are limitations to the number of top-level links you can include in your horizontal navigation bar. If you include too many, the links will not fit on the screen and the user won’t be able to access your site’s content.

We recommend having between 5-7 top-level items. Most importantly, the main navigation will need to fit within the following character count, including spaces:

  • 9 items - 53 characters
  • 8 items - 57 characters
  • 7 items - 61 characters
  • 6 items - 68 characters
  • 5 items - 73 characters
  • 4 items - 81 characters

If you’re having trouble staying within the character limit or want feedback, contact Communications & Marketing at sfucm@sfu.ca and we’d be happy to help.

For more information, please see the horizontal navigation page on the CMS Help site.

Audience navigation bar

The audience navigation bar allows you to present audience-specific content on your site, that needs to be easily accessible but is not aimed at the site's primary audience.

Social navigation buttons

You can customize this area to link to your department's social media accounts. If you choose not to customize it, by default, the links will point to SFU’s main social media accounts.

Column control

The column control component works similarly to the previous version, but offers two additional features: Full Width and No Spacing.

New component styles

You can use new component styles for banner images, text and image, text, columns and carousel.

Online guide

For instruction on components and styles, visit the CMS Help website.