Vertical template

This SFU-branded AEM template uses vertical navigation. We are currently moving sites over to our new horizontal template, but based on your needs we might recommend you use this template.

What does the template look like?

Live example: SFU CMS site.

What's the process?

If you would like to use the vertical template, you will be using a self-guided approach. We recommend you use the full website project process to maximize the potential of your website and meet your goals. However, you can choose to take a leaner process that will come with a shorter timeline.

How can we support you?

Once Communications & Marketing team confirms that using the vertical template is the best solution for your needs, we will provide you with access to the production site and you will be able to start the process of building your site.

We do not provide any additional support for clients using this template.

You can get technical support from IT Services team at

How can you request the vertical template?

To request to have your site built in this template please fill out the website request form.

Where can I access documentation?

For instruction on components and styles, visit the CMS Help website.