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We prioritize our design, videography, and photography services for institutional projects with direct connections to strategic plans, and projects that are part of a broader initiative/campaign. Our services include consultation, creative production, or referrals to outside vendors.

These services are handled by Marketing & Brand Management, formerly known as Creative Studio.

Related requests

Your request may be better suited for another unit or request method. Please review the below list of services before completing the form below. 

SFU Brand

Brand-related questions


IT Services 

Event lecture capture or course lecture capture videos, job interviews or presentations, and audio/visual services including webcasts, projectors, room or equipment setup services

Contact: IT Services 

Centre for Educational Excellence

Course curriculum videos, or videos supported by educational grants

Contact: Centre for Educational Excellence

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Prior to submitting a request please consult your unit SFU Communicator and review our self-serve tools and guides including branded templates.

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