Events calendar

Does your department host events? All SFU departments have access to SFU Eventbrite and Livewhale Calendar accounts. Read on to learn more about whether this solution might be right for your area.

What is it?

We provide you with two tools that work together to:

  1. manage registration for your events (Eventbrite Enterprise)
  2. list your events on SFU's centralized events calendar (Livewhale Calendar)

Where does it appear?

The main calendar

You'll find the full listing of campus events at

Departmental listings

Departments can display a customized list of events (based on department, campus/location or audience) using an AEM component prepared by IT Services. For example, the Vancouver campus displays all Vancouver events using this component.

Who is the audience?

Events on the calendar are visible to the public at large. Each of the 75-plus departments using this tool contributes events that appeal to their particular niche audience.

Why use it?

  • Reach the community: 21,000 monthly visitors (average)
  • Clearly define your audience: target students, staff, faculty, or the general public
  • Select events are featured on

Use these tools if your department regularly hosts events and could use a simple tool to manage registration. Using these tools also includes your events on the main calendar, which amplifies your events to a wide audience.

Who can use it?

All SFU departments can use these tools. Departments must decide on a common login email address for all event hosts on their team to use.

How can my department sign up?

Request accounts for your department by filling out the form here. While you're waiting for your account to be set up, take some time to go through the how-to documentation for Eventbrite and LiveWhale.

I have an account. Now what?

Welcome to the events calendar! Now you can follow our illustrated instructions on how to work in Eventbrite and Livewhale Calendar

Need help along the way?

Find out how you can access support.