Technical Help

For support with EventBrite, contact EventBrite directly via their Help Centre (within the application) or at You may also reach them 24/7 by phoning 1-855-286-9808.

For support with LiveWhale Calendar, including registration and feedback, contact SFU Communications and Marketing ServiceHub:


Why do we have to pay fees to EventBrite?

Your current fees are three per cent plus $0.60, capped at $17.95 and include:

  • Continued access to EventBrite 24/7 support team via email, phone, and chat (during business hours)
  • Enterprise support for technical questions

If you were not in a partnership agreement, your fees would be 4.5 per cent plus $1.99 and capped at $24.95.

Why doesn't the waitlist automatically activate when a new ticket becomes available?

Every function of the waitlist has to be done manually. This includes enabling/disabling the waitlist, issuing tickets, changing the settings, and deleting people from the list. This is to ensure you (the organizer) are aware of your ticket quantity and ensure ticket allotment is intentional.


Known Issues

The following items are known to be issues in EventBrite and LiveWhale that we cannot fix in this version.

  • EventBrite Organizer Profiles are not in alphabetical order.
  • The EventBrite template is not read-only.
  • EventBrite no longer supports integration issues. For workarounds, please visit Share to SFU Events Calendar.