Using EventBrite

When to use Eventbrite

  • If you are hosting an event that requires advance registration, tickets and/or assigned seating.
  • Due to privacy legislation, Eventbrite use is voluntary and event hosts are required to provide an alternative method of registration

When not to use Eventbrite

  • If your event does not require registration, consider using Livewhale alone.
  • If your event requires registration and you are unable to provide an alternative method of doing so, consider using SFU Websurvey instead.

Please note that Eventbrite data is stored on U.S. servers. Learn more about the responsibility of collecting personal information through the Eventbrite platform via the SFU Privacy Office.

Staff Login

Go to: and click Sign In.

Enter email your department is using for EventBrite click Get Started. Enter the password and click Log In.

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