Alternative registration

Some individuals may prefer not to register for an event through Eventbrite, so organizers are requested to offer alternative registration options. Consider using one or more of these methods.

Manual Ticket:

  1. When the attendee indicated they are not willing to accept the waiver and/or use Eventbrite to register, the attendee is required to come in person, prior to the event, with payment for the event. You may also accept credit card over the phone.
  2. Upon payment, the staff member provides a written receipt to the attendee. 
  3. When the ticket is paid for, a staff member will complete the Departmental Deposit Summary form with the monies and pass it to a staff member at the appropriate financial location.
  4. A staff member then accesses Eventbrite and decreases seats available manually by 1 (this is to reserve a seat for the person). You may skip this step if you are providing an anonymous ticket through EventBrite as directed below.
  5. A note is manually recorded as a reminder for the staff members to communicate to the attendee with reminder emails of the upcoming session.
  6. To check-in attendees added manually without a ticket: On the day of the event, staff members bring laptops to the check-in table on-site, open Eventbrite and navigate to the Check-In page for the event, as people come to the table, they either present their ticket or provide their first and last name. Upon verification, the staff member checks-in the person in.

Anonymous Ticket:

To print off an anonymous ticket, go to the event you’re ticketing for. On the lefthand side menu, click Manage Attendees then Add Attendees.

Select Order Type and indicate how the ticket was paid for.

Indicate the Quantity of tickets sold to the buyer. If your event is monetized, Eventbrite will automatically fill in the Face Value. Next, click Continue.

Fill out the Registration Information with generic information (for example, Jane Doe or Generic Information). Use your department’s contact information for Contact Information. Accept the Privacy Notice Waiver and complete registration.