Share to SFU Events Calendar

If your event uses Eventbrite or the SFU Websurvey and you would like to promote it on the SFU Events Calendar through Livewhale, here are two ways:

Copying the event:

The first solution is copying over your event information from Eventbrite or SFU Websurvey to Livewhale using the instructions found here. After, insert the registration link in the Register Link section.

When you're ready to publish your event, click Save.

Redirecting the event:

The second solution redirects your Livewhale listing to your Eventbrite or SFU Websurvey page. Start by opening Livewhale and clicking Add new.

Add a title and an image. For more information on images, see Using Images.

Fill out the Date and time, Event type, Location, Audience and Tags.

Next, click on Link to another site for event information, located beside Add event details.

Add your Eventbrite listing or SFU Websurvey link.

When you're ready to publish your event, click Save.