Social media content

Do you have content that would benefit from amplification to a larger audience? We can help you amplify your content and build your own audiences by sharing your posts on SFU's corporate channels, including:

Where do I submit my content for amplification? 

We welcome amplification requests from all faculty and staff across SFU’s faculties, departments, VPs, campuses and programs. To submit a request for consideration, please share links to your posted social media content to the SFU Communicators' MS Teams channel, "Content Amplification."

If you are not a member of MS Teams and would like to be added, please contact

What content do we amplify? 

SFU’s corporate channels are designed to appeal to broad audiences and priority is given to:

  • Events and stories that tie into SFU's strategic initiatives and institutional priorities.
  • SFU news and events aligned to the purpose and audiences of our channels.
  • Third-party news and events where SFU is directly involved.

What about Surrey and Vancouver campus channels? 

Find out how you can get your content amplified through Surrey campus and Vancouver campus corporate channels.

What kinds of photos should I select for digital? 

Photos are essential to making content engaging online, but not just any photo will do. Photos need to appeal to the target audience, work for the channel and support the story you want to tell. Here are some visual guidelines below to get started:

  • Avoid stock images where possible
  • Avoid headshots
  • Include no more than two subjects
  • Use photos of real SFU people
  • Include action shots of people engaged in their work or environment
  • Have people looking into the camera
  • Represent diversity
  • Keep the scene clean/simple
  • Make sure you have permission/copyright to use the image
  • Shoot with more space around the subject, so it can be cropped afterward