"People of SFU" Story Series

Is there a faculty or staff member in your department or unit who always goes the extra mile? We want to hear about them!

Starting this spring, we’ll be running an ongoing stories series called People of SFU, an SFU News series dedicated to highlighting SFU faculty and staff and their incredible contributions to the university. This story series is intended to celebrate SFU’s unsung heroes—people who are going above and beyond the call of duty to create community, advance SFU’s mission, and make the university a great place to work and learn. Ultimately, want to showcase and highlight a diversity of jobs, experiences and people who might not normally get public recognition for their work.

For examples of what a People of SFU story might look like, please see this recent profile on Krystal Ness from Facilities Services.

What to submit

We would love to see submissions for this story series from communicators across the university, and we will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis. When submitting a completed story, please ensure it adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Clearly explains the subject’s role at SFU and the importance of their work to your faculty, department or unit
    • This could look like a more “typical” news story, but we encourage you to get creative—maybe you could write a day-in-the-life style piece that follows your subject through the work day, or maybe you could ask the staff person to tell their own story through the first person.
  • Clearly demonstrates how the subject’s work connects to university priorities
  • Includes a short summary of your department or unit's function/role at SFU
  • Between 400-500 words
  • Includes copy for SFU’s Facebook, Instagram and the What’s On newsletter
  • Includes photography of the subject that is appropriate for use on SFU News and social media. We encourage asking story subjects to take photos from home or submit photos that showcase their personality. Cell phone photos are fine, as long as the subject can be seen clearly. Photos must be landscape-oriented

How to submit

Once your story has been submitted, we’ll help make sure it gets published in SFU News and shared on SFU’s institutional channels, including Facebook, Instagram and the What’s On newsletter.

Completed stories, photography and social copy can be submitted through our normal process via the Submit a Story form.

If you want feedback on a story idea or have questions about this campaign, let us know! You can reach out to Jeff Hodson at jeffrey_hodson@sfu.ca.