What's On newsletter

The What's On newsletter is sent twice per week to all faculty and staff across SFU’s three campuses, highlighting the latest content from the Faculty and Staff Dashboard.

This content includes timely updates ranging from institutional announcements and initiatives to event listings, SFU News stories and more.

The goal of the newsletter is to share content that supports faculty and staff with news they can use to help them do their work and to encourage stronger connection with the university’s people, programs and priorities.

Submit Content

Content for the What's On newsletter is curated from submissions to the Faculty and Staff Dashboard. If you would like content to appear in the newsletter, please submit it to the dashboard for consideration.

Submission guidelines

Ensure your submissions are relevant to the broad SFU community

We want to ensure it is easy for our readers to find important information they need so we have limited submissions to content focused on strategic institutional initiatives and events. Before submitting your content, determine if it is related to a broad initiative or event and if it is relevant to faculty or staff members across all three campuses.

Faculty or department-specific announcements or special interest events are important. If you want to extend the reach of a special interest initiative or event, a great way to do that is post to the SFU Communicators space in Microsoft Teams asking for help with amplification. If you want to reach students, submit your content to the Student Bulletin.

Make your content stand out

  • Tailor your content to your audience - take a minute to put yourself in the shoes of faculty and staff who read the newsletter. Write copy that highlights aspects of your event or story that is most valuable and engaging to them.
  • Write action-oriented headlines that are accessible and engaging headlines should stand on their own without supporting copy. Be sure that they articulate your key message and how your audience stands to benefit. Learn more about writing headlines in Eliminate ‘to be’ (and other tips) to make your SFU News stories sing from the SFU Communicators Toolkit blog.

Don’t submit the same content twice

Based on our metrics, repeated content sees an average 60% drop off in click-through rate from one newsletter to the next. If an update is worth sharing again, re-write it to emphasize a different angle to draw in new interest.

Get familiar with the updated submission deadlines

  • For inclusion in Tuesday's newsletter: Content must be submitted by 12 PM on the preceding Friday.
  • For inclusion in Thursday's newsletter: Content must be submitted by 12 PM on the preceding Tuesday.


Have any additional questions or concerns? Please contact Erica Apacible at commsica@sfu.ca.

Surrey and Vancouver campus

Is your content specific to the staff and faculty of a certain campus? Submit your content to the weekly Surrey and Vancouver campus newsletters below.