Colour Palette

Primary Colours

SFU's official colour is SFU red. The master colour is complemented by a palette of primary colours, inspired by the university coat of arms. When reproducing these colours on materials, use the appropriate colour values below to match your medium of choice.

SFU four master brand colours:

SFU Red - Pantone 187  

Full colour printing: CMYK  C 7/M 100/Y 82/K 26
Spot colour printing: PMS 187 C
Digital applications: HTML#A6192E or RGB 166/25/46

SFU Grey - Pantone 425

Full colour printing: CMYK  C 48/M 29/Y 26/K 76
Spot colour printing: PMS 425 C
Digital applications: HTML#54585A or RGB 84/88/90

SFU Blue  - Pantone 7705

Full colour printing: CMYK  C 100/M 13/Y 5/K 41
Spot colour printing: PMS 7705 C
Digital applications: HTML#007096 or RGB 0/112/150

SFU Gold - Pantone 7753

Full colour printing: CMYK  C 0/M 17/Y 94/K 27
Spot colour printing: PMS 7753 C
Digital applications: HTML#C1A01E or RGB 193/160/30

SFU Gold also has a secondary Pantone value for a metallic gold (Pantone 8644 C), which may be used in special circumstances such as official or formal print collateral.

Printing the SFU colours

Document Solutions can also provide a swatch card printed on different paper stock for reference. Always insist on accurate colour, as poorly matched colours will weaken impact and reduce the effectiveness of the brand. Please contact for accurate colour matching.