SFU's Official Fonts

The two official fonts used in the SFU identity are DIN and Bembo.

DIN is known for its versatility and legible style. Its simplicity makes it easy to use across all communication platforms–digital, printed and large scale. DIN is sans-serif, which complements SFU's serif font, Bembo.

Bembo is known for its readability in body copy, and the versatility it offers in a variety of weights, from black to italic. It is also one of SFU’s original fonts, and has a strong connection to the university’s historical roots.

These two fonts work in unison across all SFU brand templates and materials.

Common use fonts

For business use, SFU's common use fonts are Times New Roman and Trebuchet.

For projects created in the Microsoft Office Suite, such as PowerPoint templates and Word documents, SFU's official common use fonts are Times New Roman (in place of Bembo) and Trebuchet (in place of DIN Next Pro). These two fonts are included with most word processing software.  

Obtaining the SFU fonts

  • Departments can purchase the two official SFU fonts. DIN Next Pro is available from and the Bembo font from Adobe.
  • SFU's Common Use Fonts for business use are installed on all SFU computers.
  • If you are an SFU communications coordinator, you can request the official fonts from Please note that there are a limited number of licenses and we can only supply fonts to SFU communicators who are permanent staff.