Using drag & drop editor

Looking for an on-brand template for your emails that follows best practices in email marketing? The ready-to-use templates are accessible via the template library in Campaigner.  

Create an email campaign

Go to Email Campaigns.

Click the drop down arrow on the + New Email Campaign button and select Drag & Drop Editor.

Choose Saved Templates, select Drag & Drop Template v1.

Click Next >.

Give your email campaign a name and click the green check mark to apply the changes.

SFU brand font formats

As shown in the drag & drop template:

  • Title - Trebuchet; size: 32; colour: #CC0633
  • Date - Trebuchet; size: 16; colour: #CC0633
  • Intro - Trebuchet; size: 18; colour: #333333; line height: 27
  • Heading 1 - Impact; size: 32; colour: #CDCDCD; ALL CAPS
  • Date - Trebuchet; size: 16; colour: #CC0633
  • Heading 2 - Trebuchet; size: 24; colour: #CC0633; ALL CAPS; bold
  • Body - Trebuchet; size: 16; colour: #333333; line height: 24
  • Heading 3 - Trebuchet; size: 18; colour: #CC0633; ALL CAPS; bold
  • Month - Trebuchet; size: 16; colour: #A6192E
  • Event and date - Trebuchet; size: 16; colour: #333333
  • Button - Trebuchet; size: medium; colour: #CC0633

The headings, text, and buttons have all been formatted with the proper spacing. Use the duplicate function to ensure your new blocks have the correct spacing between them.

Editing content blocks

To add content blocks, simply click and drag out the content block you need (eg. Text, Image, Button) and place it within the email canvas on the left side of the screen.

To edit an existing text block, click on the text block once and start editing/typing. Do the same with image blocks to add/replace an image. (Make sure your images are already uploaded to the Media Library)

To delete an existing content block from the email canvas, hover over the block and click the trash can icon that appears on the right side of the block.

To duplicate an existing content block, hover over the block you want to duplicate and click the "copy" icon. Using the duplicate function will keep all settings to ensure consistency across the template.

For more information on content blocks, visit the Campaigner Knowledge base.

Drag and drop content blocks into the email canvas area.
You can move, copy or duplicate and delete content blocks by hovering over the content block.

Adding rows

While we recommened keeping your newsletters to one column (this allows the template to be more responsive and accessible), you can add rows (similar to columns in AEM) to create multiple columns.

Drag and drop rows into the email canvas just as you did with the content blocks.

With rows you can also have a thin outline around the content blocks (see example on right) to make the content stand out.

To do this, click on the row and under row properties, edit the border style (colour: #DDDDDD; thickness: 1; solid line).

When you're finished, you can have the option to Preview & Test your email campaign or hit Next > to continue.

Content with an outline
To add border styles to your row: edit the border style (colour: #DDDDDD; thickness: 1; solid line).

Editing Plain Text

The plain text version of your email can be edited in case something doesn't look quite right. This version of your email campaign will be shown to users who do not have HTML enabled in their email program/app. The main thing to pay attention to here is spacing between content.

Note: Plain text will not show images or text formatting (ie. heading styles, bold, italics, etc.)

After necessary changes are made, hit Next >.

Enter email details

Add a subject and preheader and make any other changes to the settings, as needed.

When done, click Save Draft. You still have the option to Preview & Test from here, if you'd like.

Finish and send

If you're ready to send or schedule your email campaign, click Select Recipients and choose the list(s) you want to send to. Click Schedule & Send to send your email campaign now or select a specific date and time.

If you're not ready to send or schedule the campaign now, you can always come back to it at a later time to make more edits.