Our Campuses

SFU’s three vibrant campuses foster a culture of inclusion and celebrate the diverse and multi-ethnic character of our students, staff, faculty and communities.

Through eight faculties located across three campuses in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, SFU students have unparalleled academic, civic and volunteer opportunities, both on campus, and in the community.

Our original Burnaby campus, perched atop Burnaby Mountain, evokes a powerful sense of place. Its architectural design encourages interdisciplinary collaboration between students and researchers.

Our Vancouver campus, comprised of nine facilities, is the city’s largest downtown university presence. It is recognized as a cornerstone of civic engagement, and hosts diverse public seminars and arts performances throughout the year.

Our Surrey campus has become the catalyst for developing a new city centre in Surrey, the second-largest city in British Columbia. This campus houses Innovation Boulevard, a partnership between SFU, the City of Surrey, and the Fraser Health Authority that is collaborating to rapidly commercialize intelligent health technology solutions.