Chris Yakimov


Associate Director, Digital Community Engagement

I work to realize and mobilize the vision, values and principles of community engagement within digital strategy and production. My goal is to ensure that digital media enhance relationships – that communication is authentic, real, brave, and valuable – and that we are accountable for how we go about it. From time to time, I teach in SFU's Semester in Dialogue – a commitment that reminds me that the ultimate goal of digital community engagement is helping people to come together in real life.

Why community engagement matters to me:

We need a bigger tent. The complex challenges facing us today require us to be better at harnessing our diverse strengths. Community engagement, for me, pushes the boundaries of what we call knowledge so that more people can be involved in the practice of thinking together, and so that knowledge practice becomes more than just thinking – it becomes feeling, acting, and remaining mutually accountable together, too.

Telephone: 778.782.7550