Matthew Grant


Director, Community Engagement

People and relationship are at the centre of everything I do. I work collaboratively across SFU and with communities to establish and deepen relationships, to identify strategic opportunities and build partnership, to advance thought and innovation in support of societal needs, and to build and institutionalize infrastructure in the form of collaborative, reciprocal community partnership and engagement initiatives regionally and globally. 

Why community engagement matters to me:

Respect, trust, and accountability are very important to me and I aspire to an exceptional level of quality in everything I do; however, I think I would be lost in life without laughter.

Neuroscientist Dr. Robert Provine has found that laughter is not primarily about humour; but rather, about social relationships – that the quality of our relationships has a powerful effect on our physical and mental balance.  I agree.

To me, community engagement is about relationship, creativity, discovery and laughter. It presents an opportunity for us to connect, learn and live differently – something that will be required (not just desired) by cities working to create positive, equitable and inclusive communities for the people who call them “home”.

Telephone: 778.782.7484