Saba Fatemi


Program Manager, Civic and Community Engagement  

My work centers on the collaborative design, implementation and innovation of programs & partnerships that embrace diversity, empower community, and inspire growth. Under the SFU Surrey – TD Community Engagement Centre I work with community partners and SFU students & alumni to bring together knowledge and resources for positive impact, primarily in Surrey. Through my work, I have the privilege of helping individuals discover their potential, step up as leaders, and realize their visions of what it takes to build stronger, more connected communities.

Why community engagement matters to me:

Community Engagement to me is synonymous with empowerment. I learned early on in my career that no matter our differences, our past experiences, or the challenges we face, there are spaces where we can be accepted for who we are, and experience a true sense of connection and belonging.

This sense of connection, and the supportive community that came with it, made a huge difference in my life when I first arrived in Canada. As such, I continue to deeply appreciate all the individuals and initiatives that made this possible. My purpose now is to help shape a world wherein every person feels accepted, connected, loved and empowered.