Trisha Dulku


Manager, Programs (Community Engagement)

I work to build relationships with people interested in making a difference in the Surrey community. My focus is on developing mutually valuable partnerships with an asset-based approach and putting the nuts and bolts of community building together. One of the main channels for my work has been through the SFU Surrey – TD Community Engagement Centre, where we work in collaboration with people and organizations in Surrey to co-develop activities and initiatives for the purpose of building more resilient communities and more engaged students and alumni. 

Why community engagement matters to me: student impact.

Students are walking, talking, and breathing embodiments of SFU’s Strategic Community Engagement Plan. I love facilitating student involvement in community opportunities – ensuring that students have the tools they need to act as front-facing ambassadors of SFU and to successfully create impact with vulnerable youth, newcomers, and local area partners. I love to see students develop personally and professionally because it broadens their scope beyond the classroom. Students get to acquire soft skills that make them more employable while making a difference in the community at the same time! While I love taking care of the nuts and bolts of community partnerships and programs, the beating heart and soul of what I do is to help build future leaders, future change-makers, and future responsible civic-minded citizens.


Telephone: 604.715.6457