Valery Ross


Associate Director, Carnegie Community Engagement Classification Office

I support SFU’s work as both a member and a presenting partner of the Canadian Pilot Cohort of the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification, a tool to help us reflect on what we do, why we do it and how we might move towards those goals in a good way. With a focus on reciprocity and mutually beneficial partnerships with communities, this approach pushes us towards redistribution of power, a more inclusive network of authentic relationships, and a sense of purpose that is co-created with those who are most impacted by our work.

Why community engagement matters to me:

Community engagement shows up in our work as the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’. To me, it is about taking the basic principles of being a good person and applying them to our work at an institutional level. By remaining curious and holding space for dialogue with diverse voices, we have an opportunity to choose continuous growth and improvement. Meaningful engagement helps us work together as a society to identify issues, then share our knowledge and resources with each other to work towards collaborative solutions.