Canadian Pilot Cohort of the Carnegie Community Engagment Classification

The Canadian Pilot Cohort (CPC) is a group of sixteen Canadian post-secondary institutions who have agreed to undertake the Carnegie Classification to reflect on its fit in Canadian community engagement contexts.

From 2019-2022, the Office of Community Engagement has been responsible for supporting the CPC in working together as a learning community to identify needed adjustments to the existing Classification, recommend solutions and contribute to the development of a Canadian version of the Classification.

Why this might be important to you.

The Carnegie Community Engagement Classification is a document framework structured to catalyze and strengthen institutional infrastructure to support reciprocal, mutually beneficial partnerships with communities that result in epistemic justice.

There's a lot of jargon up there... but to put it simply: it’s a process for helping an institution like SFU be less of an ivory tower and more of a societal partner in addressing critical issues and contributing to the public good.

If you have complex work that would benefit from a more deeply rooted support system for building partnerships, social infrastructure, community-engaged curricula, research and creative activity, you should be interested in this process. You might also be interested in this process if you're an interested onlooker who believes Canadian post-secondary institutions should simply do better. We agree. 

Piloting a model for ambitious transformational change

Tell us what you think.

SFU Vice President, External Relations, Dr. Joanne Curry, invites your thoughts and input on SFU's Strategic Community Engagement Plan.

Compiled with input from staff, faculty, deans and community partners, the plan offers a vision and set of values and principles for building local action plans and strengthening a common purpose for SFU community engagement.

It will be better with your voice.

We'll be offering multiple ways to engage with this material. To get ready, please download and read the plan, then sign up for our newsletter so we can let you know how to provide your thoughts about SFU community engagement. 

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Community engagement is:

Explore the values and principles of community engagement at SFU.

Download the SFU Strategic Community Engagement Plan:

SFU's strategic community engagement plan is intended to empower SFU students, faculty and staff to form deeper and more courageous partnerships.

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