SFU's Community Engagement Initiative

The CEI has awarded over $700,000 and supported over 110 SFU staff and faculty projects to co-create community impact through cultivating mutual beneficial and respectful partnerships. Each year, the program fields about four proposals for every one that wins funding – the quality of proposals is incredibly high, and is a testament to the courage and creativity of SFU faculty and staff.

Why this might be important to you.

While many grant programs won’t fund you before you have your research question, the CEI considers the quality of your partnership building and the principles your activities express at any point in your project – whether research-based, pedagogical, or creative in nature.

If you’re employed by SFU as a faculty or staff, you can apply for this funding by filling out a fairly simple application form. Applications that commit bravely to co-creation and respectful relationship building exemplify what the CEI hopes to catalyze. If you're not affililiatd with SFU but are looking to partner, having some knowledge about this funding opportunity could help with your planning and partnership building.

Annual grants of up to $10,000 to nurture community-engaged scholarship and impact

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Community engagement is:

Explore the values and principles of community engagement at SFU.

Download the SFU Strategic Community Engagement Plan:

SFU's strategic community engagement plan is intended to empower SFU students, faculty and staff to form deeper and more courageous partnerships.

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