COVID-19 Community Resilience Network

Thank you to everyone who has joined us at SFUCOVNET. Since starting this project, we've been priviliged to be a part of so many meaningful conversations and to have made new relationships (or deepened existing ones). 

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While our current series of calls is over, we are looking forward to figuring out what comes next.

~Diane, Chris, Matthew, Elizabeth, Janet and Methu
(December, 2020)

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Our 2020 call series has ended.

But please take a look at the dialogues we held, and use the "recap" links to find summaries, resources and video recordings.

  • Wed., Sept. 16th @1:00pm – Anti-fragility and resilience | read the recap
  • Wed., Sept.  23rd @1:00pm – Network-led breakout discussions | read the recap
  • Wed., Sept.  30th @1:00pm – Ele Chenier, President, Academic Women, SFU on radical inclusion | read the recap
  • Wed., Oct.  7th @1:00pm – Network-led breakout discussions | read the recap
  • Wed., Oct. 14th @1:00pm – A discussoin with journalist, Frances Bula, about BC's upcoming election | read the recap
  • Wed., Oct. 21st @1:00pm – CANCELLED 
  • Wed., Oct. 28th @1:00pm – Mitchell Reardon and Emma Clayton Jones, The Happy City – building resilience in “main street” | read the recap
  • Wed., Nov.  4th @1:00pm – Join us for a hosted discussion about precarious instructors in the post-pandemic academy. Facilitated by Gretchen Ferguson with Anis Rahman | read the recap
  • Wed., Nov. 11th – NO CALL (Remembrance Day)
  • Wed., Nov. 18th @1:00pm – Join us in discussion with Kim Van Der Woerd, Founder of Reciprocal Consulting, for a dialogue on the colonial nature of current systems of research and evaluation. How do we transform these systems? | read the recap
  • Wed., Nov. 25th @1:00pm – Ele Chenier returns to facilitate a discussion on how radical inclusion might address the issue of women academics falling behind | read the recap
  • Wed., Dec. 2nd @1:00pm – Join us in a conversation with SFU President, Dr. Joy Johnson about SFU’s role in transformational change. | read the recap 
  • Wed., Dec. 9th @1:00pm – Join us in a discussion about our network. Using Thoughtexchange, we'll ponder the question: "SFUCOVNET: what worked well, and what didn't?"

Stories of network impact

Right from the start, responsive action projects got going thanks to connecting and sharing ideas on SFUCOVNET. Here are a few examples of stories that have emerged from this work.