SFU Student-Community Engagement Competition

The SFU Student-Community Engagement Competition (SCEC) seeks to recognize, celebrate, and champion community-student engagement and spirit by mobilizing student-led projects that will lead to meaningful impact.

The competition is growing: in its first year, the competition funded three projects for a total of $7,000. In 2019, we are targeting $30,000 towards funding 13 student-led projects.

Why this might be important to you.

Supporting students in developing the skills necessary for working with community partners in principled ways enriches opportunities for experiential education, and can lead to meaningful local impact.

The SCEC encourages students, staff and faculty to consider how student-community engagement projects might be supported as a directed studies course. And there may be even more creative ways to situate community engagement as a pedagogical tool across all of SFU's programs. 


Fuelling student innovation and social impact through community partnership

2018-19 Grand Award winning team, CoColour, worked with local artists, organizations, and newcomer and refugee families to co-create a colouring book that doubled as an introduction to the City of Surrey and its resources. Check out their project, and follow the links to coverage they earned in the Surrey Now-Leader and the CBC.

Do you have an idea for change?

If you’re ready to work with an organization in your community to make a difference, we’d like to hear from you. You could win up to $3,000 to make it happen. Registration now open! 

Community engagement is:

Explore the values and principles of community engagement at SFU.

Download the SFU Strategic Community Engagement Plan:

SFU's strategic community engagement plan is intended to empower SFU students, faculty and staff to form deeper and more courageous partnerships.

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