Below is a list of software tools created by members of the group.

  • BE: A belief evolution solver for the  action language.
  • COBA 2.0: An applet implementing a consistency-based belief change system.COBA 1.0: An older applet implementing a consistency-based belief revision system.Contact or for information and source code for an implementation of a belief revision system using quantified Boolean formulas.
  • Modprof : A Modal Logic theorem prover.
  • plp : A system for preference-handling in answer set programming.
  • PV : A system for finding attacks on cryptographic protocols, based on an encoding in the Situation Calculus.
  • siege : A fast clause-learning based SAT solver.
  • sptg : A system for point-based temporal reasoning based on series parallel graphs (including a suite of point-based temporal reasoners).  
  • usra : A system to investigate how to learn defaults and reason with them based on a set of examples (documentation).