CSIL Windows Course Software

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The following is a list of links to documentation detailing some of the Windows based software available in CSIL.

If you want to get extra software installed, please contact your instructor.

Commonly Used Applications

Name Version Description Reference
Adobe Acrobat Reader 2020.005.30514 view PDF files (https://www.adobe.com)
0.79; 64bit access Linux/Unix hosts, transfer files free (official site)
FileZilla FTP Client 3.66.0 all-purpose file transfer tool freeware (https://filezilla-project.org)
WinSCP 6.1.2 all-purpose file transfer tool freeware (https://winscp.net/)
Cyberduck 8.7.0 (40629) server and cloud storage browser free (https://cyberduck.io)
Mozilla Firefox
web browsing freeware (https://www.firefox.com)
Google Chrome 120.0.6099.131+ web browsing freeware(https://www.google.com)
WinRAR 6.23+; 64bit  archiving/compressing SFU site license (https://www.rarlab.com) how to create ZIP file
Notepad++ editing source codes freeware (https://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net)
GIMP 2.10.34+ manipulating images freeware (https://www.gimp.org)
Office 2021 16.0.14332.20447+ Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. SFU site license (https://www.microsoft.com)
Office Visio 2003 11.8323.8341 SP3 flowcharts, UML MSDNAA license (https://www.microsoft.com )
Office Project 2003 11.3.2007.1529.15 SP3 source code control MSDNAA license (https://www.microsoft.com )
ultraVNC Viewer connecting to VNC servers free (https://www.uvnc.com)
DiffMerge 64bit diff tool free (https://www.sourcegear.com/diffmerge/)
NX Client for Windows 3.5.0-9 for connecting Linux Terminal Server free (https://www.nomachine.com)


Development Tools

Name Version Description Reference
Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 15.9.28307.344 included workloads: Native Desktop and ManagedDesktop
MSDNAA license (https://www.microsoft.com)
Visual Studio Code 1.0 the first cross-platform development tool in Visual Studion family free (a few words from the vendor: why choose this product)
Java SDK LTS Standard Edition 64bit Java Development Kit, command line tool

free (https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase)

JCreator LE 5.00.008 Java IDE free (https://www.jcreator.com)
BlueJ 4.1.2 Java IDE free (httpa://www.bluej.org)
NetBeans 8.2.0 64bit for Java SE Java IDE free (https://www.netbeans.org)(launch in CSIL)
NetBeans for C++ 8.2.0 64bit for C++ C++ IDE free (https://www.netbeans.org)
Eclipse Classic 2023-12-R 64bit Java IDE free (https://www.eclipse.org)
Eclipse for C++ 2023-12-R 64bit for C++ C++ IDE free (https://www.eclipse.org)
boost 1.60.0
C++ source libraries free (https://www.boost.org), source code only
boost 1.55.0 C++ source libraries, compiled free (https://www.boost.org), only available on asb9840-xxx workstations
Cygwin NA Linux Environment (for Eclipse and NetBeans) no longer available, please boot the workstation to Ubuntu
MinGW incl. gcc 4.6/4.7 Minimalist GNU for Windows free (https://mingw.org)
MinGW-w64 x86_64-4.9.3-posix-seh-rt_v4-rev1 an advancement of the original mingw.org project free (https://mingw-w64.org), only available on asb9840-xxx workstations
Python 3.12.3 64bit programming freeware (https://www.python.org)
Anaconda Anaconda3 2018.12 64bit open data science platform open source version (https://www.continuum.io)
Matlab R2022b 64bit Matlab, Compiler, Image_Toolbox, Wavelet_Toolbox, Symbolic_Toolbox SFU site license (https://www.mathworks.com)
JMP 14 statistical analysis SFU site license (https://www.jmp.com)
Racket   programming language no longer available (https://racket-lang.org)
wxWidgets 2.8.11 GUI tools for GTK freeware (https://www.wxwidgets.org)
CodeBlocks 17.12 free C++ IDE free (https://www.codeblocks.org)
MIT App Inventor 2.3.0 for Android development free (https://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/) only available on workstations
Qt w/MinGW 5.12.1 cross platform development tool Community edition, Open Source (https://www.qt.io) only available on workstations
Flowgorithm 2.17.1 64bit to create programs using simple flowcharts free (https://www.flowgorithm.org)
Axure prototyping tool classroom license (https://www.axure.com) only available on workstations in ASB 9804
ActivePerl 5.20.2001 64bit   free (https://www.activestate.com/products/activeperl)


Multimedia Applications (on workstation only)

Name Version Description Reference
DirectX SDK June 2010 DirectX development free SDK (https://www.microsoft.com/directx)
OpenGL Tools 1.3 GLUT (3.7.6), GLUI (Release 2.35) free (https://www.opengl.org) (program in CSIL)
GLFW 3.1 64bit   free (https://www.glfw.org)
VirtualDub 1.9.7 video processing freeware (https://www.virtualdub.org)
Classic Media Player off K-Lite codec pack 15.4.4 video codecs and player
freeware (https://www.free-codecs.com)
VLC Player 3.0.20+ media player freeware (https://www.videolan.org/vlc)
OpenCV 3.1.0 computer vision libraries free (https://sourceforge.net/projects/opencvlibrary/)
Audacity 2.2.2 Audio processing tool freeware (official site)
Avidemux video processing freeware (official site)
Wax 2.0 video processing freeware (official site)
Graphviz 2.28.0+ graph visualization freeware (official site)
Inkscape 0.48.3+   freeware (official site)
CyberLink Power Director NA
video editing no longer available.
Anvil Studio 2018.10.03 midi tool freeware (official site)



Software Engineering Applications

Name Version Description Reference
Visual SourceSafe 2005   MSDNAA license (https://www.microsoft.com)
Tigris.org Tortoise SVN 64bit
version control client freeware (https://tortoisesvn.Tigris.org)
Construx Estimate NA NA no longer available (https://www.construx.com)


Database Application and Libraries

Name Version Description Reference
SQL Server Management Studio a standalone tool pack for MS database solutions
free (SSMS)
Microsoft Command Line Utilities for SQL Server 15.0.2 a standalone commandline tool pack for MS database solutions free (official site)
JDBC Driver for SQL Server jdbc free (https://www.microsoft.com) (program in CSIL)
Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server & ODBC drivers for SQL Server free (official site) (program in CSIL)
jTDS 1.3.1 jdbc free (https://jtds.sourceforge.net) (program in CSIL)
pyodbc updated @2024.04.20
interface to SQL Server for Python free (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyodbc) This package works for both 32bit and 64bit Python.


Graphics Application and Libraries

Name Version Description Reference
Audodesk Maya 2023   Special license (https://www.autodesk.com) available on all workstations in ASB9840
Blender 2.79   free (https://www.blender.org)



(not available for current semester) Image Processing Applications (on workstations only)

Name Version Description Reference
CMake 3.0.1   CMake
ITK-SNAP 2.4.0-20121124   ITK-SNAP
MedINRIA 2.1.1   MedINRIA
ParaView 4.0.1   ParaView
TurtleSeg 1.2.2   TurtleSeg
Slicer visualization and medical image tool www.slicer.org
VolView 3.4 volume visualization vendor's site


Computer Systems and Hardware (no longer available)

Name Version Description Reference
DesignWorks 4.3.x   no longer available. licensed. The LogicWorks 5 comes with the textbook has same functionalities (https://www.capilano.com)
DesignWorks 5.10   no longer available. licensed. (https://www.capilano.com)
Freescale CodeWarrior for Motorola HC12 development bundle 5.1 special edition HC12 assembler, simulator no longer available. (https://www.freescale.com). It is not avaialbe on the CSIL terminal server due to license restrictions. For your laptop, please get the installer from our software repository server. Click here for installation tips.
VHDL Simili 3.1 Build#16   no longer available. free edition. (https://www.symphonyeda.com)


Symbolic Computing and Inteligent Systems

Name Version Description Reference
Small LISP   Lisp (no longer available) CS homemade, under XP Mode only
WinHugs   Haskell (no longer available) free (https://www.haskell.org)
Hyprolog sp4 Prolog (no longer available)
SICStus   Prolog (no longer available) license expired (https://sicstus.sics.se/)
SWI-Prolog 7.6.4 64bit Prolog free (https://www.swi-prolog.org) available on CSIL Windows Terminal Server and workstations in ASB 9820
NuSMV 2.5.2   free (https://www.nusmv.fbk.eu)
IDP 3.5.0 a knowledge Base System LGPL (https://dtai.cs.kuleuven.be/software/idp) available onCSIL Windows Terminal Server
MiniZinc 2.0.8 a constraint modelling language Mozilla Public License (https://www.minizinc.org/software.html) available on
CSIL Windows Terminal Server



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Last updated @ 2024.05.07