Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Computing Science

The Post Baccalaureate Program is a program of studies for students who already possess a university degree - whether in computing science or another discipline. It includes studies in computing science at a more advanced level.

This program is intended for students who wish to augment their current career path with a significant amount of computing science, or seek an adequate level of undergraduate training before applying to a graduate program in computing science.

As an alternative to a second degree (B.Sc.) in computing science, a PBD can be taken instead by those who wish to make a career change to computing and information technology. Depending on the student's previous academic and professional background, the co-operative education work program may also be available. Students interested in the PBD for this reason should consult an advisor.

How to apply:

If you are an SFU alumnus or alumna:

Fill out the reactivation/readmission form: 

On the form, select "Applied Sciences" as your program.

If you are a current SFU student or your SFU degree has not yet been awarded:

Please consult a Faculty of Applied Sciences advisor before submitting your application.


The Post Baccalaureate Program requires students to complete 10 upper division (3-400 level) courses , together with any lower division (1-200 level) prerequisites required for the upper division courses and must include the following (or equivalent):

  • CMPT 300-3 Operating Systems I
  • CMPT 307-3 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CMPT 354-3 Database Systems and Structures

Students must complete additional upper division computing science courses and/or computing science graduate courses (with instructor's consent) to bring the total to at least 30 units.

Students are required to consult with a computing science advisor prior to course selection to achieve a coherent program of study.

The student is responsible for satisfying the prerequisites of program courses. This may entail taking additional or all courses listed in the lower division requirements of the Major in Computing Science.

Graduation Planning Form


  • Lower level courses may be waived with adequate documentation of previous training in these subject areas.
  • Courses must be selected in consultation with a CS Advisor to achieve a coherent program of study.
  • Students of this program are responsible for satisfying the prerequisites of program courses.
  • Students only taking the PBD do NOT need to meet the WQB graduation regulations.