AEP Information for Instructors

Instructors welcome

For general information about the AEP program, visit About AEP. In this section you will find information about the program aimed at instructors of courses where the AEP is offered.

Please contact us if you are interested in incorporating any of the AEP workshops to your course. 

The AEP is a required component of CMPT 120 as approved by the Computing Science Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC). AEP activities for CMPT 125, CMPT 128 and CMPT 225  are usually offered as well, if the instructor is interested. 

The courses CMPT 126, CMPT 150 and ENSC 150 are not offered any longer, however the associated AEP workshops created to be associated to these courses may be adapted to other courses. 


Activities associated to Courses

  • Students taking CMPT 120 and CMPT 128 do the AEP 101 workshop.
  • Students taking CMPT 125 and CMPT 225 do the AEP elective assignment, which includes choosing a workshop, reading, or video, and writing a report about it.
  • Students who have already attended the course-associated workshop in a previous semester or who cannot attend the workshop on the specific date may alternatively do the AEP elective assignment. Students who have been at the university for some years may also request this option. Instructors do not need to worry about this. This alternative activity will be announced to students in class. (See Instructor Participation #5 for more information about the AEP class visit,) and the AEP coordinator deals with approving it.

Key characteristics

  • The AEP workshops and learning activities (even the "AEP elective assignment") which have been designed and tailored for course topics. Every workshop has a component directly related to the contents of the course. In the case of the elective assignment, students are guided to address and/or reflect about learning techniques or issues related to CS.
  • The program intervention is minimal. Students are required only one AEP activity per course. Our studies so far suggest that even this brief intervention can have quite an impact. Also, through the AEP we make students aware of additional resources related to academic wellness and learning that they may pursue in case of interest or need.
  • All students are encouraged (through the points and advertising) to participate in the AEP program (and not only those students doing poorly,) and so there is no differentiation between students, which could be stigmatizing.  Our studies show that even students with high grade averages see an advantage, and we aim to run activities so that students who do well also feel included in the discussions.

Instructor participation

The participation by the instructor can range from minimal to very involved, depending on the instructor's interest. Read more about instructor involvement.

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