Program Overview

SFU AI4ALL: Invent the Future is a two-week immersion into the world of artificial intelligence. Invent the Future scholars will meet online every day and become SFU AI researchers. The first week of the program introduces four major topics in AI through lectures and hands-on programming exercises. Starting in the second week, teams develop their own projects and work closely with mentors to invent solutions to today's challenges using cutting edge AI techniques.

Throughout the program, scholars will hear from guest speakers, participate in team building exercises, and build new connections with peers and AI researchers. At the conclusion of the program, research projects will be put on display online via our website and social media.

We have designed our online program to match the expertise and skills of our alumni. Invent the Future will provide laptops and other tools needed for online learning for the duration of the program. 



Humanoid robots and self-driving cars are already reality in some countries. We will explore how to build a robot brain, and imbue them with physical and even emotional intelligence.

Computer Vision

New smartphones are able to recognise your face with high enough accuracy to unlock the phone. How do they do that? We'll learn the techniques used to make machines understand our visual world.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Chatbots like Amazon Alexa or Siri are able to understand our words and even converse! NLP is letting us do great things like translate automatically from one language to another, or type by using our voice instead of our fingers.

Recommendation Systems

Services like Netflix and are able to use massive amounts of data to suggest a movie you might like, or a new song you might want to listen to. How does this work? Can we predict the future?

2020 Program Booklet

To view the 2020 program booklet with the schedule, click here.


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