CS Research Day is a great opportunity to see the research that SFU School of Computing Science graduate students, faculty and alumni are working on. Join us virtually for faculty and alumni talks, a graduate student research exposition and networking opportunities between students, faculty and industry partners!

Event Schedule

Event Date: Wednesday, December 1

8:30am-12:45pm – Videos Available on Hopin

Event Start

12:45pm-1:00pm – Reception

1:00pm-2:00pm – Faculty/Alumni Talks

2:00pm-2:30pm – Panel discussion on Faculty/Alumni Talks

2:30pm-4:00pm – Student Project Exposition

4:00pm-4:15pm – Award announcements

Alumni Speakers

Ming Hua, Vice President, Product + Engineering on Augmented Reality Devices, Meta Reality Labs

Title: Research Challenges in Building the Next Computing Platform

Bio: Ming Hua is Vice President, Product + Engineering on Augmented Reality Devices at Meta Reality Labs. Her team is on a mission to build the next computing platform centered around people, and continues to push the state of the art with groundbreaking research into emerging technologies and hardware that will help bring this vision to life. Ming joined Meta in 2009 as a Research Scientist on News Feed. In the past 12 years at Meta, She worked on a variety of areas from Machine Learning systems to user facing products. She led the Local and Business Platform Engineering Group and incubated several products at the New Product Experimentation Group prior to working at Reality Labs. 

Ming holds a PhD degree in the field of machine learning from Simon Fraser University, Canada. She has published in premier journals including IEEE TKDE and the VLDB Journal, as well as academic conferences including ACM SIGKDD, VLDB, IEEE ICDE and ACM SIGMOD. Ming served as a NSF reviewer and published a book "Ranking Queries on Uncertain Data" with Springer in 2011.

Chris McIntosh, Assistant Professor, Medical Biophysics and Computer Science, University of Toronto

Title: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Bench-to-Bedside

Bio: Chris McIntosh is a Scientist at the Techna Institute, the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, and the Joint Department of Medical Imaging at the University Health Network. He is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Medical Biophysics and Computer Science at the University of Toronto, and a Faculty Affiliate of the Vector Institute. He further holds a joint research Chair in Medical Imaging and Artificial Intelligence at JDMI and University of Toronto. Chris obtained his PhD from Simon Fraser University in 2011 under the supervision of Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh. His lab focuses on the theory and clinical application of AI in medicine for improving patient care including transfer learning, meta learning, computer vision and explainable AI. Applications include deep learning for automated diagnosis, segmentation, quality assurance, and treatment planning. His past work on AI in radiation therapy has been approved for clinical use by regulatory bodies, commercialized, and deployed in hospitals around the world, using AI to deliver reproducible, high quality cancer care. Through a recent partnership with Apple Dr. McIntosh is also investigating the role of clinical tests, AI, and wearable technologies in heart failure with the hopes of reaching even more patients.

Faculty Speakers

Parmit Chilana, Associate Professor, School of Computing Science 

Title: Beyond "One-Size-Fits-All": User-Centered Innovations for Software Learning and Help-Seeking

Bio: Parmit Chilana is an Associate Professor in human-computer interaction (HCI) and an Ebco-Eppich Research Chair at the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Chilana's core research in HCI focuses on inventing and deploying user-centered software help and learning techniques for feature-rich applications in a variety of domains, such as 3D modeling, education, health and software development. In particular, she is passionate about using interdisciplinary approaches to understand and design for user diversity and empower users from all backgrounds and skills levels to use, learn and program emerging technologies. Chilana's work has been recognized with several awards and honors, including Best Paper Awards at venues such as ACM CHI and an NSERC Discovery Accelerator Award. Before coming to SFU, Chilana was an Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo. Chilana received her PhD from the University of Washington where she co-founded AnswerDash, a venture-funded startup that commercialized her award-winning dissertation work on crowdsourced contextual help retrieval.

Steven Y. Ko, Associate Professor, School of Computing Science 

Talk title: Improving the UI Subsystem for Mobile Devices

Bio: Steven Y. Ko is an Associate Professor in the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. His current research interest is improving the reliability and security of mobile systems by developing techniques at the intersection of mobile systems and software engineering. He received a BS degree in Mathematics from Yonsei University, an MS in Computer Science and Engineering from Seoul National University, and a PhD in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Yuepeng Wang, Assistant Professor, School of Computing Science

Title: Program Synthesis for Evolving Database Applications

Bio: Yuepeng Wang is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. He was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania and received his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include programming languages, formal methods and databases, with a recent focus on verification and synthesis techniques for evolving database applications. His work has appeared in top-tier programming language and database conferences, such as POPL, PLDI, OOPSLA and VLDB. He has received a distinguished paper award from OOPSLA 2017.

Please RSVP for the event to ensure that you will be able to join us on December 1! We are running the event through Hopin, a Simon Fraser University recommended platform for virtual conferences. To register for the event, visit this link: 


Presenter Details: 

If you are CS Student and would like to present at CS Research Day, you are required to send the following to cs_communications@sfu.ca by end of day on Monday, November 29nd (*we have extended the deadline from November 22nd!):

  • Project title and area
  • Group member names
  • Abstract of presentation
  • A video presentation (~five minutes) of your project, submitted via a YouTube link

Please send via email with "CS Research Day Presentation" and your name in the subject line. 

*We are also offering to print off student posters to showcase in the display cases outside of the CS office. Posters will be printed off 24" x 36". If you would like to submit your poster, please attach it as a PDF along with the other required materials. If you have an already-printed poster that you would like displayed, please bring it by the computing science office. 

We will be offering the following prizes to the top three presentations, as voted on by staff, faculty and industry guests:

  • 1) $750 
  • 2) $500 
  • 3) $250

Please direct any questions related to CS Research Day to cs_communications@sfu.ca.