Lab Member

Martin Ester

Tel: 778.782.4411
Email: ester (at) cs (dot) sfu (dot) ca
Fax: 778.782.3045
Office: SFU Burnaby, TASC 9231



PhD Students

Raquel Aoki

Email: raoki (at) sfu (dot) ca

Research: Identification of genes that contribute to cancer development using Machine Learning models, such as Probabilistic Graphical Models. 

Ali Arab

Email: ali_ara (at) sfu (dot) ca

Research: Developing methods to identify factors that have causal relationship with cognitive health by analysing longitudinal data.

Arash Khoeini

Email: akhoeini (at) sfu (dot) ca

Research: Deep Learning, Bayesian Neural Networks, Uncertainty Estimation


Oliver Snow

Email: oliver_snow (at) sfu (dot) ca

Research: He is currently using random forests to predict mutations of the androgen receptor that will cause a resistant phenotype in response to treatments in prostate cancer. The hope is to move towards more general drug response prediction using large genomics datasets and deep neural networks among other methods.


Hossein Sharifi-Noghabi

Email: hsharifi (at) sfu (dot) ca

Research: His research is representation learning on multi-omics data with specific focus on prostate cancer. The computational part of his work mainly focuses on deep learning especially unsupervised learning.


Master Students

Atia Hamidizadeh

Email: atia_hamidi_zadeh (at) sfu (dot) ca

Research: Developing machine learning algorithms for molecular property prediction and optimization including semi-supervised methods and generative models.

Jialin Lu

Email:  jialin_lu (at) sfu (dot) ca

Research: He works on interpretability.

Personal webpage: 

Shuman Peng

Email: shumanp (at) sfu (dot) ca

Research: Her research interests include meta-learning and few shot learning.

Lai Wei

Email: lai_wei (at) sfu (dot) ca

Research: Developing deep learning and structure learning methods to counter cybersecurity threats, such as malware attacks.


Undergrad Research Assistants

  • Chen Zhao
  • Zihan (Andy) Wang
  • Yizhou Chen
  • Haoyu Peng
  • Duo Lu



  • Bo Hu (PhD)
  • Yao Wu (PhD)
  • Xin Wang (PhD)
  • Beidou Wang (PhD)
  • Boshra Nabaei (MSc)
  • Hao Wang (MSc)
  • Samaneh Moghaddam (PhD)
  • Phuong Dao (PhD)  
  • Mohsen Jamali (PhD) 
  • Recep Colak (MSc)
  • Richard Frank (PhD)
  • Byron Gao (PhD)
  • Rong Ge (PhD)
  • Wen Jin (PhD)
  • Gabor Melli (PhD)
  • Flavia Moser (PhD)
  • James Wagner (MSc)
  • Hongjin Cui (MSc)
  • Ping Wang (MSc)
  • Fei Chen (MSc)
  • Xiang Zhang (MSc) 
  • Qingyuan Feng (MSc)
  • Sahand Khakabimamghan (PhD)