In 2005, Simon Fraser University (SFU) launched Canada's first international two-way exchange undergraduate dual degree program in Computing Science with Zhejiang University (ZJU), one of China's top three universities. 

The SFU-ZJU undergraduate Dual Degree Program (DDP) in Computing Science is uniquely designed for both Canadian and Chinese students to study together as a cohort for two years at ZJU and two years at SFU.  Students receive a degree in Computing Science from each of the universities and become competent in and knowledgeable about the languages, cultures, societies and academic institutions in both China and Canada. The program design also includes faculty exchange (one SFU faculty member teaching at ZJU and one ZJU faculty member teaching at SFU each term), and student mentorship to encourage cultural exchange with peers.  

The quality of the DDP students is exceptional  - upon graduation, many have been accepted by top-tier North American graduate schools or have been hired by major IT companies.  Some of the awards DDP students have won include an SAP Canada scholarship, Microsoft scholarship, speaking awards and others. Through the program, DDP graduates have developed a broader world view and intercultural competencies that no doubt contribute to their future success.  

The program received the 2012 BC Council for International Education Award for Outstanding Program in International Education, a province-wide recognition. In 2013, the program was being awarded the CBIE Panorama Award for Outstanding International Education Program from the Canadian Bureau for International Education.