SFU News: DDP students win Mandarin speech contest

March 22, 2015

Sean Bergunder and Monica Luna-Estrada, two students in the SFU-Zhejiang University Dual Degree Program (DDP) in Computing Science, won prizes in the 2015 BC “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Speech Contest for University Students held on March 22.  Sean took the top prize in the non-heritage Intermediate-Advanced Level. Monica won the 2nd prize in the non-heritage Beginner Level.

Over sixty contestants from nine BC post-secondary institutions made speeches with the assigned topic of “Me and China” this year. Sean, who is a fourth year DDP student tells a story about an “adventurous” trip while studying for two years in China, and how it inspired him with an open and understanding mindset in real life. Monica, a first year DDP student who just started her Chinese study from last September, describes her Chinese language learning experiences: challenges and excitements with great passion.