Studying Computing Science as part of the Dual Degree Program (DDP), you will receive two Bachelor's degrees – a Bachelor of Science from SFU and a Bachelor of Engineering (工学学士学位) from ZJU.

An overview of the Bachelor's Program structure is provided below.

Program Timeline

Foundation Year at SFU

Building a strong foundation is the key to success. You will enrol in foundation mathematics and computing science courses along with other SFU students at the SFU campus in your first year.

Chinese language background is not a prerequisite for the Dual Degree Program. The curriculum consists of a series of progressive Mandarin courses to build your Mandarin proficiency. You are encouraged to join as long as you have a genuine interest in computing science and gaining an international experience.

Students with a background in Mandarin may focus on foundation mathematics and computing courses in Year 1 in place of Mandarin studies, thereby making faster progress towards completing the course curriculum.

Two Years Study Abroad at ZJU

Following the foundation Year 1 at SFU, you will go to Hangzhou in the summer to complete the Chinese Immersion Program offered by ZJU International College. While improving your Mandarin, you will be fully immersed in the Chinese environment. During the first academic semester at ZJU you will take further courses in Mandarin to better prepare you for the core curriculum courses.

You will stay at ZJU international residence during your studies in China to ensure you get the most out of campus life. It is a great opportunity to meet with local and international students from the Yuquan and Zijin'gang campuses. Language courses are taught at the Yuquan campus located close to downtown and the famous West Lake scenic attraction. Computing science and other academic courses are held at the brand new, well-appointed Zijin'gang campus.

Upper Division Years at SFU

After finishing courses at ZJU, you and fellow DDP students from China will complete the remaining upper division requirements of the program at SFU. Upon completion of courses at both Universities, you will receive two degrees – a Bachelor of Science (BSc) from SFU, and a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng, 工学学士学位) from ZJU.

Optional Co-operative Education

As a DDP student you will also be eligible to participate in the Co-operative Education Program which is open to all computing science students. Employers that have hired DDP students as Co-op students or interns include Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, EA, RIM, SAP.

Undergraduate curriculum

Full details of the Bachelor's DDP curriculum can be found on the Bachelor's Program course details page.

Download a PDF version of the DDP brochure