Zhejiang University has five core campuses in total. Dual Degree Program students will mainly stay on two main campuses: Yuquan Campus and Zijin'gang Campus. All students will be assisted with applying for residence on campus. Both Yuquan and Zijin'gang campus are located within easy reach of the lively heart of the city, and there are regular public transport services to get you there and back.

Summer accommodation

During the summer immersion program when you first arrive in China, and for the first 9 months of your stay, you will live in the International Students Dormitory on the Yuquan campus where ZJU International College is located. Language labs, self-study rooms, reading rooms, games rooms, email terminals, public kitchens and washing machines are all accessible to students. Each room is equipped with one single bed, one wardrobe, one desk & chair, and one TV. Sheets, quilt and pillow are provided. All rooms are air conditioned and suites include a private bathroom with shower.

Ongoing accommodation

Following your first 9 months in China, you will move to Zijin'gang campus where most of the computing courses will be taught for your second year in China.

You may choose to share a room to save on costs, or opt for a single room. Please see the living costs section for details on rent.