Students are responsible for paying for accommodation and living expenses while abroad. Students are also responsible for paying for all incidental costs related to participation in the study abroad portion of the DDP. These costs may include, but are not limited to, the following:

(Please note that all costs below are estimated and are subject to change based on new policies and variation in exchange rates.)


Yuquan Campus

Dual Degree Program students who need to be enrolled in the summer Chinese Immersion Program will stay at Yuquan campus for the first 9 months or so (May—January):

Single or twin-bed dorm room: rates range from $190–$230 per month per person

Zijin'gang campus

All Dual Degree students will stay at Zijin'gang campus for the second part of their China experience:

Single dorm room: $160 per month per person
Twin-bed dorm room: $90 per month per person


Around 20–25 RMB ($3–$4) a day if meals are eaten at the dining halls

Passport Costs

$87 (see Passport Canada for details)

Travel (Major Trips)

- International: $950–$1500 Vancouver to Shanghai round trip (varies by season)
- Domestic: individual trips from $20–$300 depending on mode of transport and destination


- Can often be acquired free of charge from previous students
- Around $50 CAD per semester if bought new

Personal Expenses: Allow Approx. $200/Month

- An average of 5 RMB/day ($0.77) for personal items, such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.
- Local buses: 1-2 RMB ($0.15-$0.30) one way, or 3-4 RMB ($0.45-$0.60) for a transfer or express bus
- Many students choose to buy bikes, which cost around 300-400 RMB ($46-$62)
- Furniture items (if renting your own apartment): e.g. a fan, cooking equipment such as pots and pans, utensils, etc.


Travel insurance:

You should make sure to arrange your own travel insurance for any trips or activities you decide to undertake during your stay in China. Costs will vary depending on the scope of your trip.

Health insurance:

Premium: 600 RMB per year (about $100)
All students must purchase medical insurance to cover them for the duration of their stay in China. Dual Degree Program students are advised to purchase the Ping An comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Plan, recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Education for foreign students in Chinese universities. It includes accident medical insurance, hospitalization medical treatment insurance, accident deformity, death insurance, etc. For medical situations that do not require hospitalization, please ensure that you acquire additional medical insurance.