Program - Nov 13-15, 2015

DAC Banquet Dinner - Nov 13, 2015 

Keynote Speaker:  CAROLE CRUMLEY Professor (emerita), Department of Anthropology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (USA) and Executive Director of the Integrated History and Future of People on Earth (IHOPE) initiative.

Dr. Crumley is a founder and influential figure in historical ecology. She has been a major player in promoting the aggregation of social and natural sciences for a more comprehensive and realistic picture of longterm landscape change and adaptation in Europe. We are excited to have Dr. Crumley speak during the Northwest Coast salmon dinner, tickets are $30 or $20 for students. Please register HERE

Day One: Conference - Nov 13, 2015

Opening Speaker: Rueben George, Tsleil-Waututh Land Defender, Sundance Chief, Sacred Trust

Plenary Session:

David Egan, Northern Arizona University

Steve Wolverton, University North Texas

Dana Lepofsky, Simon Fraser University  

Peter Stahl, University of Victoria

Iain McKechnie, University of Oregon and SFU-Hakai Institute 

Day Two: Poster Presentations & Workshops - Nov 14, 2015

Poster Presentations: A light breakfast will be served in Saywell Atrium to accompany poster presentations

Workshop Presentations: Find out more HERE  

50 Key Questions Working Groups 1: Participants will self-organize into 1-3 sessions to organize initial online submissions. Private votes will be cast, followed by a pre-screening of voting scores. Non-supported questions will be debated, removed. Questions will be amalgamated, reworded, and final questions will be identified. Sessions will re-group for further debate. These workout groups may meet and re-group throughout the day.

Day Three: Workshop - Nov 15, 2015

50 Key Questions Working Groups 2: All groups will meet together and finalize questions. We will begin a draft of the publication which will be finalized by a sub-committee in the following weeks.