Bronze Lifesaving Combination (13+ Years)

This camp is designed to develop lifesaving skills. The camp combines two advanced lifesaving awards: Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross with a CPR ‘C’ award. You will perform challenging water rescues, learn First Aid and CPR and develop aquatic endurance. A Bronze Cross can earn you two credits for grade 11.

There will be no refund if you have not met all the required course prerequistes.

Prerequisite: Ability to swim 600 meters; 13+ years of age unless you have a Bronze Star.

Note: An extra fee is charged for the Canadian Lifesaving Manual ($35).


H2O Wonders Camp (8-12 Years)

Experience outdoor water adventures in the pool as you learn how to do things like kayak, snorkel and scuba dive. Discover new ways to have fun in the water like playing water-polo, diving and even synchronized swimming! Develop lifesaving, first aid, and leadership skills as you train to be a junior lifeguard. A special trip to the Vancouver Aquarium tops off your amazing week!


National Lifeguard Pool (16+ Years)

National Lifeguard (NL) is a nationally recognized certification that qualifies you to lifeguard across Canada. This camp is designed to instill judgment, leadership, knowledge and fitness, while stressing a preventative approach to pool safety. The course will help you to develop critical thinking in emergency situations. NL can earn you two credits for grade 12. 

Prerequisite: Standard First Aid or Aquatic Emergency Care and Bronze Cross (please bring certifications to the course); 16+ years of age before the last day of the course.

Note: An extra fee is charged for the Alert Manual ($36).

There will be no refund if you have not met all of the required course prerequisites.


Swim Lessons (3-13 Years)

Sunday Red Cross Swim Lessons (or Private Lessons)


Standard First Aid

This 16-hour course will provide training in life threatening priorities such as breathing, bleeding, shock, poisons, as well as secondary injuries such as those to head, spine, bones, joints and injuries due to heat and cold. CPR ‘C’/AED is included in the course.

This course is a prerequiste for the National Lifeguard course.


Under the Sea Camp (5-8 Years)

Geared towards the younger aqua enthusiast, explore and discover everything to do with water! Have a splashin’ good time in the pool swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and more!

Note: Some swimming experience necessary. Must be comfortable in deep water with a lifejacket.


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