"Canada’s Engaged University" is SFU’s new tagline. It should be incorporated to all SFU institutional communications whenever space allows. 

Font DIN Condensed Black (Caps)
Tracking 40
Kerning Set to "Optical"
Align Left
Font DIN Serif Regular
Size 70% of the tagline
Tracking 0
Kerning Set to "Optical"
Align Left


The tagline should:

  • always appear as specified above, in all caps, in DIN Condensed Black and with an underline
  • be positioned in the one of four corners of a composition, preferably opposite an SFU logo to avoid additional visual complexity to the composition

The tagline can:

  • also include an optional, single-line, call-to-action with a URL, as shown on the above
  • appear in SFU dark red on a light background or reversed out of a dark background in white

The underline should:

  • bleed off the closest edge of the composition, whenever possible
  • stop at the end of the tagline, if there is a large safety area to accommodate



When the tagline is positioned opposite the logo, align the underline with the bottom of the SFU logo.
Align baseline of the call-to-action with the bottom of the SFU institutional informal logo.