What is your current position? Briefly describe what you do.

As a global product marketer for analytics, I help shape and create the marketing strategy and content for our analytics solutions. My end goal is to help our customers, current and future, realize why analytics solutions from SAP matter to them, and how our technology can help them run their businesses better.

What was the best advice that you received while you were an SFU student?

While I received immeasurable advice and wisdom from teachers and leaders during my time at SFU – it was their actions that spoke louder than their words. The leaders at Beedie exemplified humility, intellectual rigor and above all the ability to make ideas a reality.

What did you think you would be doing when you started university?

I knew I wanted to be in business, I just wasn’t sure which aspect at the time. University was an opportunity to not only earn a business degree but to also explore the career options available.

Did you ever have an 'aha' moment in regards to your career? What was it?

The ‘aha’ moment was learning to ask for more and to also give more. In business and in our careers, we can’t operate in our own worlds. We need to learn to ask for help, for resources, for direction and feedback – and we shouldn’t feel bad about asking for things - in moderation, of course. However, by receiving, we need to consider giving, otherwise the process breaks down. The essence of our global and local communities rely upon giving and sharing with others, whether it’s in the form of mentorship, advice, a donation, or our time.

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