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Are you a prospective student wanting to discover the School of Engineering Sciences' story? Whether you're a Grade 11 student wanting to learn more about Engineering Science or an applicant to SFU wanting to learn about student life, our Faculty of Applied Sciences' Student Ambassadors will work with you and help support your journey. Email your questions to

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Student Ambassadors

Siri Dhillon, Engineering Science

Hello everyone! My name is Sirpreet Kaur Dhillon but mostly I go by the nickname, Siri. I first moved to Vancouver in September of 2016 from India to pursue higher education in Engineering Science at SFU. From then till now, I have been involved at SFU through volunteer opportunities such as outreach and through clubs like Women in Engineering (WiE), Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Vex Robotics, etc. FAS SFU has given me the precious network of students, faculty, and profs. along with the opportunity to explore. And now I would love to help you explore Faculty of Applied Science at SFU by sharing my experience and network by chatting and answering your questions!


Natalia Ospina Echeverry, Biomedical Engineering

Hi! My name is Natalia Ospina. I’m currently in my 4th year of biomedical engineering at SFU. My first co-op was a research co-op at SFU, where I was able to test the knowledge had gained in class over the years in a real life situation. My goal as a student ambassador is to give you a personalized insight of the Faculty of Applied Sciences by sharing  my experiences with you and answers any questions you may have!

AJ Eskikurt, Computer Engineering

Greeting everyone! My name is Ece Eskikurt and the pronunciation of my name is similar to AJ. I am a FIC transfer student studying Computer Engineering in SFU. This is my third year in Engineering and I am currently doing my research coop. As being Student Ambassador, I have also involved in almost all FIC volunteering programs and been in executive positions in SFU clubs. I am currently the Director of Spirit in Engineering Science Student Society and will be happy to chat with you about my experience and SFU FAS and how to make your time during your studies the best !!


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