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Canadian HIV Women and Reproductive Health Cohort Study

Chronic and infectious diseases, Population and public health
Posted August 22, 2011

Principal Investigators

Loutfy, M (University Health Network, U of Toronto)
Kaida, A (FHS)
De Pokomandy, A
Hogg, R (FHS)


Anema, A; Angel, J; Baril, JG; Brophy, J; Brotto, L; Gahagan, J; Hankins, C; Kaushic; Klein, M; Leonard, L; Lima, V; Lloyd-Smith; Miller, C; Money, D; Ogilvie, G; Palmer, A; Pick, N; Rabourd, J; Rachlis, A; Roth, E; Rouleau, D; Rourke, S; Tharao, W; Tremblay, C; Trottier, B; Trottier, S; Tsoukas, C; Walmsley, S; Yudin, M


CIHR - $1, 192, 490




Not available at this time. This project is based out of the University Health Network (Toronto).