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HAART optimism, drug use and risky sexual behaviour among MSM in British Columbia

Chronic and infectious diseases, Population and public health
Posted August 22, 2011

Principal Investigator

Hogg, R


Moore, D; Montaner, J; McFarland, W; Lima, V; Barrios, R; Roth, E R; Patterson, T


NIH - US$2,137,869




Despite ongoing prevention efforts, HIV incidence in South African youth remains remarkably high. Inclusion of high-risk adolescent populations in vaccine trials will be essential to ensure the success of future efforts, but limited data exist on social, ethical, political, and regulatory barriers to recruit minors into large-scale trials in South Africa. Biological changes, particularly at mucosal sites, occurring in adolescents may alter their risk of infection and/or complicate immunologic endpoints of vaccine studies, but there is limited data available to address these issues in any population. We have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of social scientists, ethicists, clinicians, and biomedical researchers to examine these questions using existing cohorts of adolescents recruited in Soweto and Durban, South Africa. Results are anticipated to inform social and biomedical aims of future HIV vaccine studies involving minors.