ISTLD Seminar Series & Grant Programs

The ISTLD currently funds, administers, and facilitates a variety of seminar series and grant programs for SFU faculty members to support inquiry into teaching and learning, sometimes addressing specific questions or themes (e.g., decolonization, multi-cultural classroom). These programs enable faculty members to both implement teaching and learning innovations as well as investigate the effectiveness of those innovations or explore questions/concerns they have about student learning. The ISTLD team provides both administrative and research support to the project teams as they conduct their work, often in collaboration with other SFU units.  

Disrupting Colonialism through Teaching

Exploring Well-Being in Learning Environments

Open Educational Grant Program

Decolonial Teaching +
Learning Seminar Series

Inquiring into Your Multilingual Classroom

Student Learning Experience

Decolonizing + Indigenizing Curricula

New Ways of Teaching, New Ways of Learning

Teaching + Learning Development Grants