Student Drivers for Printers at the Surrey Campus

Any drivers provided below are for convenience only.


HP Universal PostScript Driver v.5.4 32-bit

HP Universal PostScript Driver v.5.4 64-bit

Windows LPR Driver from Windows XP SP2 CD:


Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 users PLEASE READ THIS. Do NOT install drivers from this page.

HP Colour LaserJet 3800:  HP_Laserjet_with_Utility.dmg

HP Colour LaserJet 4700:  HP_Laserjet_with_Utility.dmg

HP LaserJet 4250:  HP_LaserJet-v5_7_1.dmg

HP LaserJet 4350:  HP_LaserJet-v5_7_1.dmg

HP LaserJet 9050:  HP_LaserJet_and_Edgeline_print-only.dmg ever, users are advised to check with HP for the latest drivers.