Wireless Printing From your PC at the Surrey Campus

These instructions will show you how to print from your own Windows 7 laptop at SFU Surrey:

What you need: Determine your Windows login ID for your laptop. To avoid any confusion while retrieving your print job from our printer release console in the Galleria (Room sc3064, sc3355 or sc4345) or the Library (Room sc3625), we recommend that you create/rename this Windows’ login ID to match your SFU computing ID.

Download the appropriate printer drivers from this link.
Scroll down to see which driver you need

Before beginning the install, It is often helpful to extract these drivers to an easy to find place like, “c:\temp\printer_drivers”


LPR Print Service Installation:

1. Go to Start: Control Panel

2. Click Programs / click Turn Windows features on or off


3. Expand Print and Document Services. Select the LPR Port Monitor and the LDP Print Service check boxes, and then click OK.


4. Laptop Printing Configuration:

Click Start: Devices and Printers. Click Add a Printer.
Choose "Add a Local Printer".


Click the Next button on the Add Printer Wizard Screen.

Select Create a new port. In the drop down type list select “LPR Port”.


Enter the name of the print server and the print queue.
• At Surrey campus the student print server is always  “sc-labprinting.labs.surrey.sfu.ca”


Click OK and choose the correct driver for the printer you are installing. The drivers are indicated below:

The printers available to laptop users are (drivers names):

Surrey Mezzanine:

  • sc2300-bw1
    • (Model: HP LaserJet 9050 PS - DUPLEX)
    • Please use the HP Universal v.5.4 driver

Surrey Galleria:

  • sc3064-bw1
    • (Model: HP LaserJet 4250 PS - DUPLEX)
    • Please use the HP Universal v.5.4 driver
  • sc3355-bw1
    • (Model: HP LaserJet 4250 PS - DUPLEX)
    • Please use the HP Universal v.5.4 driver
  • sc4345-bw1
    • (Model: HP LaserJet 4350 PS - DUPLEX)
    • Please use the HP Universal v.5.4 driver

Surrey Library:

  • sc3625-bw1
    • (Model: HP LaserJet 4250 PS - DUPLEX)
    • Please use the HP Universal v.5.4 driver
  • sc3625-clr1
    • (Model: HP Colour Laserjet 3800n)
    • Please use the HP Universal v.5.4 driver


7. Locate the appropriate printer driver. If the printer model you need is not in the list, go back and click “Browse…” to locate the driver you unpacked earlier.

8. On the next screen, select, “Do not share this printer” and click the Next button. The default name is the printer model, you may rename it to something more meaningful i.e. “Surrey Galleria 3355 HP”

9. If you want to print a test page select Yes; otherwise-select No and click the Next button.

11. Click Finish on the next screen.

12. The printer setup is now complete.

You may go to our printer release console at sc3064, sc3355, sc4345 or sc3625 (map) to release your print job(s)
(your printing ID would be the same as your Windows’ login ID). For example, if your username on your personal computer is “superkitty”, you MUST type “superkitty” into the login ID field.

For ease of use, look for the drivers here.

**CaRS assumes no responsibility for the software provided herein**