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The UFDS NexGEN Working Group is composed of IT Services CaRS admins and LAN-administrators from a number of departments across all three SFU campuses. The goal of this working group is to outline, test, pilot, and ultimately release a new Windows Management Infrastructure.

This group inherits the UFDS title from the former Unified Federated Deployment Services working group, which successfully deployed an iPXE-based, federated, cross-campus network boot menu in 2011.

The working group has outlined the requirements of the NexGen Windows Management Infrastructure as follows:

  • Full support for Windows 7
  • Cradle-to-grave management of PCs, including:
    • initial deployment and imaging
    • OS updates
    • software installation and patching
    • maintenance (operational rules)
    • policy management, including a good default set of policies
    • decomissioning
  • Asset management and health monitoring for greater uptimes and proactive maintenance
  • Remote assistance technology to allow for faster response to urgent problems
  • Automation where possible to save administration time and promote consistency
  • Utilization of existing technologies common to multiple IT departments at SFU to reduce the amount of retraining and redundant effort

A white-paper detailing the first version of the NexGEN Vision will be released soon.

Involving the NexGEN Working Group in your project

If you are working on deploying Windows 7 or looking toward automating workstation management in your department, please contact the working group lead using the information in the right-hand column. We'll get in touch with you to discuss how the NexGEN projects can apply to your department and how you can take advantage of new commodity IT solutions built in partnership with SFU IT Services and the SFU LAN administrators.

Working Group Members

  • Geoff Brown (IT CS Surrey)
  • Ryan Granholm (IT CS Vancouver)
  • James Peltier (RCG / FAS)
  • Chao Cheng (ENSC)
  • Chingtai Wong (CS)
  • Johnny Zhang (CS)
  • Jovica Miodragovic (RCG / FAS)
  • Sinisa Milosavljevic (RCG / FAS / Math and Stats)
  • Alan Rothenbush (IT CS Architect)
  • Lee Greenough (Computer Science)
  • Jason Ashby (CS Surrey)
  • John Yang (IT CS)
  • Robin Cases (Facilities)
  • Jasper Stoodley (FHS)
  • Darrin Grund (FHS)
  • Neal Baldwin (Library)
  • Duncan Napier (MBB)
  • Malcolm Toms (FASS)

Meetings and Contact Information

We meet every Thursday at 3pm via a virtual meeting.

NexGEN Help: its-nexgen-help@sfu.ca

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