From Li-Jeen Broshko | Community Consultation: Policy on University Policies and Procedures (B 10.00)

May 11, 2022

The following message is sent on behalf of Li-Jeen Broshko, General Counsel & University Secretary.

Dear SFU Faculty and Staff members:

Please provide your input on the proposed amendments to SFU’s Policy on University Policies and Procedures (B 10.00).

B 10.00 was created to provide guidance and support to members of the University Community who are developing new university policies or revising existing policies.  The proposed framework, as set out in B 10.00 and its associated Procedures, provides step-by-step guidance for those involved in policy development, from initiation through to Board of Governors approval.

Proposed amendments to B 10.00 include:

  1. Moving content onto new templates, including removing definitions from the Policy and placing them in Appendix A
  2. Change in nomenclature
    1. “Policy Authority” is now “Responsible Executive”
    2. “Responsible Authority” is now “Responsible Office”
  3. Expanding definition of Editorial Amendments and updating definition of University Policy
  4. Giving General Counsel & University Secretary discretion to approve amendments to definitions
  5. Clarifying authority to amend associated Procedures without Board approval

We are seeking input from SFU’s faculty and staff. Please review the revised Policy on University Policies and Procedures (B 10.00) posted on the Policy Gazette website and submit your feedback to Mandeep Kalan, Director, University Policies, at by May 18, 2022.

Input you provide is collected under the authority of the University Act and SFU’s Policy on University Policies and Procedures (B 10.00). This information is collected for the purpose of engaging in community consultation, which may result in recommended changes to a policy.  If you have any questions about the collection of this information, please contact Mandeep Kalan at

Thank you,

Li-Jeen Broshko
General Counsel & University Secretary
Simon Fraser University