2018 Symposium Registration



  • A registration fee of $35 will be charged to all participants except invited speakers and invited guests
  • The registration fee may be paid through your SFU Grant (NSERC etc), Creidt Card, or PayPal
  • Participants who need assistance with the payment should contact Cedric Chauve
  • Personal demographic information is collected below to satisfy reporting requirements of funding agencies.  The information is anonymized before being sent on to the various funding agencies


For SFU Students

  • Faculty supervisors often cover the registration fee for their students.  Please speak with your Supervisor to confirm this before filling in the form below.  If your supervisor agrees to pay your fee, please have them email Casey Bell to confirm


Contact Information

Poster Submission Details

If you do not know your Poster Title at this time or are not sure if you will be submitting a poster, you can email it to me at a later date.

Payment Details

Method of Payment
If you are planning on paying by Credit Card or PayPal, you will be given further instructions once you hit submit on this form.