Current PhD Students

Alex Beyer
Steve Weldon (Supervisor)
Research Interests: Extreme Parties, Populism, and Contemporary changes in political discourse 

Denis Dogah
James Busumtwi-Sam (Supervisor)

Research Interests: International Relations, Comparative International Development, Corporate Social Responsibility

Caroline Elliott
Andrew Heard (Supervisor)
Research Interests: Canadian politics, Public Policy (including natural resource policy) and Political Theory

Andrew Fast
Steven Weldon (Supervisor)

Elisa Ferreira
Mike Howlett (Supervisor)
Research Interests: Comparative Public Policy, Social Policy & Intervention (education: post-secondary and trades training), Latin American (Brazil) and Development Studies

Asma Hashmi
James Busumtwi-Sam (Supervisor)

Research Interests: Political Economy, International Development

Vincent Hopkins
Mark Pickup (Supervisor)

Research Interests: Public Policy and Administration, Canadian and Comparative Politics, and Quantitative Data Analysis with a focus on Time Series.

Nigel Kinney
Michael Howlett (Supervisor)

Research Interests: Comparative Public Policy, Policy Dismantling of Environmental Policy in Canada and the US

Marcus Macauley
Steve Weldon (Supervisor)
Research Interests:  Public Opinion, Elections, Comparative Politics, and International Relations

Mark Machacek
James Busumtwi-Sam (Supervisor)
Research Interests: UN-business relations and the global political economy of the refugee regime. Specifically, I critically examine 'global public-private partnerships' between the UN Refugee Agency and multinational corporations in refugee protection and assistance

Sonia Orlu
James Busumtwi-Sam (Supervisor)
Research interests: International Relations, Comparative African Politics, and Feminist Political Theory

Alexandra Richards
Alex Moens (Supervisor)
Research Interests: International Relations; Defence and Foreign Policy with a particular interest in cyber warfare

Adam Rohan
Douglas Ross (Supervisor)

Research Interests: International Relations, Political Economy & Public Policy, Canadian Government

Tyler Shymkiw
Research Interests: Public Policy, Political Theory, Canadian Politics

Qinghua Yi
Genevieve Fuji Johnson (Supervisor)

Research Interests: Theory and practice of deliberative democracy, Comparative Politics